***We are excited to announce the launch of the NETpositive Impact Appraisal and Action Planning Tool for the
Scottish Construction Industry which is free to use for all construction businesses in Scotland.

What is the NETpositive Initiative?

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The NETpositive Initiative is a collaborative partnership which has the aim of transforming leading sustainability thinking into tools and approaches that can be used by SMEs, across supply chains and – most recently – educational institutions. We believe a holistic approach to sustainability is the best way to improve your sustainability, enhance your resilience to economic, social and environmental change and bolster your organisation's success.

Our objective is to equip businesses with the necessary tools to make a positive and verifiable contribution to society, the economy and the natural environment. In doing this, we enable businesses to adapt to future social, economic and environmental challenges, helping them to become more resilient in the long-term.

NETpositive thinking is gaining momentum within the sustainability sphere and being embedded into key business sectors already. We are exploring many different sectors to see how they can benefit from embedding NETpositive thinking into their business model, including: farming, catering, retail and construction. Our interest is at the intersection between corporate social responsibility, sustainable growth and environmental accounting.

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If you think a NETpositive approach could benefit your business, please get in touch.

Pathway to Transformation

Pathway to Transformation

NETpositive goes beyond conventional sustainability thinking, which tends to focus solely on damage control – reducing the negative impacts businesses have on society and the environment. We recognise businesses deliver positive value to the society and economy and therefore we examine where impacts – both negative and positive – occur right across a supply chain. We not only facilitate the reduction of the negative impacts, but the enhancement of the positive impacts. Our service creates a bespoke engagement tool - that can be used with staff and other vital stakeholders - to embed NETpositive thinking at every level of management in your business.
Becoming NETpositive

Becoming NETpositive

If you are interested in finding out about our existing programmes then please contact us. We also welcome individuals and organisations who believe the NETpositive approach could be useful in their own context. If you enjoy working collaboratively, and would like to work with our ambitious team of researchers and sustainability professionals, please get in touch.

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What is NETpositive?

Get Involved

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You can get involved by:

Taking the lead in your sector and working alongside us to develop transformative tools to drive the success of SMEs across all areas of sustainability.

Working with us to support the development and delivery of NETpositive analysis tools for your stakeholders

Sharing examples of how your company is embracing NETpositive thinking in your business strategy – even if you are not branding it as a NETpositive approach!

Providing feedback on materials and resources we produce and giving us suggestion on resources you’d like to see us develop.